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Creativity Undefined


As a member of the Spinal Cord Society Consumer Committee, as a Peer Mentor at the Indian Spinal Injuries Center, New Nelhi, India, and as Founder Member & Director Development of The Spinal Foundation, a pan-india organisation for persons with spinal cord injuries (SCI), I came into contact with Several Women with SCI.

Women in india, and elsewhere in the world, are in many ways marginalised, and the same is true for women with SCI. However, with sheer grit and determination, I have seen many of them cross over to lead a fruitful life. Many of them are career women, most of them look after their households or at least contribute to household work, do excellent parenting and at the same time love to live life to the fullest. Like any other woman, they love to have fun, dress up, enjoy chatting with friends, and socialise, despite their wheelchair existence. I saw a lot of them with unimaginable creative skills that had remained trapped within the four walls of their houses.

In one such chat group of The Spinal Foundation, there were over a hundred women who made drawings for pleasure, pursued cultural activities such as making rangolis, dressing up a bride with mehendi, making pieces of jewelry and singing & dancing for fun. Many of them showed culinary expertise making not just the run of the mill food for the family but enjoyed to make innovative recipes. Many made wonderful changes in their houses to go about their household chores on a wheelchair with unimaginable ease. Whether it was a small one room tenemant in a village or a sprawling bungalow in a city, they surpassed even able bodied women.

I felt a great need to showcase this creativity to the world and bringing them recognition as well. As ISSICON 2020 was round the corner, one call to the organising committee a little over a month before the conference, came back quickly as an affirmation to include this creativity among women with spinal cord injuries as a part of the conference. CREATIVITY UNDEFINED: The Concept was born.

With the help of a well selected jury who had great expertise in not just the design field but had spent time understanding spinal cord injury, I set up the Rules and a group of coordinators were soon on the job; we had over 50 entries within a period of one week. With an aim to strenghten this segment in later events, we ventured ahead.

The Jury were at work after the deadline, and now its time to showcase the creative skills of the participants and of course announce the much awaited Results.

Happy watching and listening!

Dr Komal Kamra

Head Coordinator - Madhuri Paturi

Cordinators Team : Kunilatha Barik, Parbati Kairi, Ekta Bhyan

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