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Exhibition Guidelines

Application in prescribed Confirmation Form for participation in the exhibition should be signed and submitted latest by 30th September, 2019 for booking of space against full payment.

Exhibition will be held in an open area adjacent to the perimeter of the lunch and tea / coffee area.


  • Stalls will be allocated on first come first serve basis.
  • The exhibitor badges will be distributed from the registration counters at the Conference venue on 18th November 2017.
  • Possession of Exhibition Space would be given to the Organizers on 11th October 2019 at 2400 hrs. The stalls will be ready and available to Exhibitors at 0600 hours on 17th October 2019.
  • The stall would have to be ready by 1000 hrs on 11th October 2019.
  • The exhibition timings will coincide with the session timings during the conference. The dismantling of stalls will start at 1400 hrs sharp on 17th October 2019 and should be completed by 1700hrs on the same day.


  • Installation and dismantling of exhibits may not begin before the specified starting time and must be completed by the specified completion time given by the Organizers and is the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  • The Exhibitors are expected to remove the tapes being used on the panels. Any damage to the panels / rented material will attract penalty.


  • Any litigation with regard to display products will be the liability of the exhibitor and organizers will not be responsible for any such issues.
  • In case of international exhibitor, the visa recommendation letter will be issued only in favour of the representative nominated by the participating companies.


  • No cloth banners or nailing is allowed in stall. However, posters and self-standing banners are allowed.
  • Participants should not take support of any permanent structures in Exhibition Venue for display.
  • Woodwork or such activity, inside or outside the Exhibition stall is prohibited. However, participants are advised to bring prefabricated stalls for assembly in the exhibition. No hammering, nailing is allowed for set up.
  • Display panels, branding towers, name boards, sample holders, photographs and other display material are permitted in the stall, subject to a maximum height of 2.5m, if any.
  • Spotlights, focus lights etc. are permitted provided these are fitted along with the stall structure within the maximum height of 2.5m. Additional Electrical requirement to be communicated to the organizers 01st October 2019.
  • No suspended displays/structures are permitted from the adjoining walls / pillars of the exhibition area.
  • Audiovisual display is permitted; provided it does not disturb the exhibition ambience and conduct of business at nearby stalls.

The Organisers shall be responsible for general cleaning of the area and aisles (Pre-exhibition). Exhibitors shall be responsible for their individual stall cleaning, which must be completed daily before the exhibition opens.


  • The Organisers shall be responsible for general security. Security services will be in place from set up period till the close of the dismantling period.
  • Participants are requested to intimate their list of exhibits prior to the exhibition to the organizers. They need to carry five copies of list of exhibits on their company letter heads.


  • Since the exhibition is open for very high profile dignitaries, participants are requested not to distribute printed matter and advertising materials at the venue or any other place other than their stalls.
  • Audio visual displays by participants should be restricted to their stalls only without causing any disturbance. The Organiser shall be entitled to intervene and discontinue or remove equipment if they cause any disturbance.


  • Arms and ammunition, explosives, contraband and/or other goods prohibited by Indian law, will not be allowed inside the venue
  • The exhibition organizers may, in exceptional circumstances, revise the area or the sites rented, or change the location.
  • Exhibitors are advised to install equipment like Voltage Stabilisers/ CVTs/ UPS/ isolation Transformer for their sensitive machine/exhibits.


  • Sharing or Subletting of Space/stall is not permissible. Violation of this may lead to cancellation of space allotted, forfeiting of participation fee etc. paid to organizers. Only group companies will be considered subject to prior information given to organizers.
  • Environment friendly, re-usable packaging material is recommended for exhibits to avoid waste and have the minimum environmental impact.
  • Any distribution of literature or samples shall be limited to the exhibitor’s stall.
  • Storage of flammable articles are prohibited.
  • Participants should keep their stalls duly attended during the visiting hours. They are not allowed to close their stalls before the closing time of the exhibition.

Sale of exhibits is not allowed and any liability of risk will be on the account of exhibiting companies.

Playing of any kind of music is prohibited at the exhibition.

Smoking in the stall and in the halls is prohibited at the conference and exhibition.

Under the conditions of Force Majeure, which also include Act of God, strike, lockout, bandh or riot, act of terrorism, natural calamities and other events and decisions beyond the control of the Organisers; the Organisers are entitled to alter the opening dates and duration, or even cancel the entire exhibition.

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